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Typical Agenda

MavenMinds meets TWICE A MONTH (in person) for 90 empowering minutes.

Here's what a typical meeting agenda looks like:

10:15-10:30am NETWORKING

Arrive a few minutes early & chat with your fellow Mavens.

10:30-11:00am WELCOME & MAVEN INTROS

After a quick restatement of our mission & purpose, each Maven (and guest) will have 1 minute to introduce themselves & give their "elevator pitch."

11:00-11:15am NEW BUSINESS

Here's where our group gets to help shape future events, meetings, membership benefits, etc. We believe that everyone has something to contribute!

11:15-11:30am SHOWCASE

At each meeting, one Maven gets 10 minutes to give the rest of us a closer look at her business, her "superpower," and her ideal client/customer. This makes it easier for us to refer the right people to her — and for us all to get to know each other better and build meaningful, supportive relationships. A 5 minute Q&A will follow the Showcase.

11:30-11:45am BRAINSTORM

The Maven who presented the "SHOWCASE" the week prior will lead a brainstorming session around a specific business problem, challenge or question. Examples from past meetings: "I'm struggling with my pricing strategy. How do you scope and price projects for profitability?" or "I always have a 'summer lull' in new business. What strategies are you using to keep the pipeline full as you move into your 'slow season'?"

11:45-12:00 ASK + PROMISE

This is a CORE benefit of being a Maven! At the end of each meeting, every Maven (and guest) gets to make a specific "ask" -- either of a specific Maven or of the entire group. Anyone at the meeting can "promise" to help with that ask (and always do!). Examples of "asks" from prior meetings include: "Listen to my podcast & leave a review;" or "I'm looking for freelance graphic designers at the mid-level of experience, with solid e-commerce experience;" or "Can you take a look at my pitch deck & provide feedback?"

This is where #MavensHelpingMavens really makes its mark!