Let’s grow our businesses faster, together.


The MavenMinds Mission


MavenMinds was born from our belief that there is power in the pack — especially our kind of pack.

  • The bottom line? (Because we love a bottom line.) Our businesses grow faster and more efficiently through referrals. And the right referrals can only happen when the right people know what you do so they can refer you.

  • We exist to connect and support women (and those who identify as women and/or nonbinary gender identities) of all backgrounds and ages to realize their entrepreneurial dreams and make a positive impact on the world.

  • We do this by opening doors, referring new business, making connections, solving problems, and sharing ideas that ultimately, elevate one another and give rise to an unstoppable tsunami of shared power, free of the patriarchal and other b.s. and all its limitations.

If you want to grow your business through impactful, authentic relationships — MavenMinds is the place to be.


Are YOU a Maven?

Let’s get one thing clear: this ain’t no sewing circle.

And it’s not just another networking group or women’s community.

This is about the power of the pack — sharing ideas and knowledge, making introductions, and supporting our fellow Mavens every step of the way.



MavenMinds is invitation-only. We’re more effective when we’re smaller and stronger.

The first step to becoming a Maven is to be invited to attend a MavenMinds meeting as a guest (you’ll also be asked to complete a membership application form).

The MavenMinds Membership Committee will review your application, after you’ve attended and participated in a meeting, and if you fit the Maven profile, we will warmly welcome you to our amazing group.

Please note: the integrity of this group is key to our collective success. Please don’t take it personally if your application is not approved (and rest assured that we will provide details of our decision, so you don’t walk away feeling like you’ve been misunderstood).

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